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Speech Language Pathologist Madi Waldner helps child pratice speech sounds

Suburban Speech Center

Our primary purpose is to provide our families with the highest quality care.  We take pride in the exceptional services we offer.  Our speech-language pathologists are highly qualified and trained to integrate state-of-the-art individualized programs specific to your child’s needs.  The staff at Suburban Speech Center meet on a daily basis to collectively review new techniques and materials to maximize each child’s progress.  Working together as a team, we accomplish the best for our children and their families!!

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BehaviorWise creates individualized strategies so that children with behavior issues can reach their full potential.

We work with both children and their parents to create and maintain healthy relationships. Fathers and mothers regain the feeling of satisfaction and joy from a renewed connection with their child.

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Livingston Educational Center

The Livingston Educational Center is a privately owned practice that serves pre-school children through adults. We pride ourselves on having highly qualified teachers and consultants that are specialized in various academic areas. We are open seven days a week and have evening office hours as well.

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Brown Psychological Services

Dr. Megan Brown is a child and adolescent psychologist who offers an integrated and strength-based approach to treating children and their families.

With a background in both clinical and school psychology, she conducts comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations of children and adolescents with suspected learning differences, developmental delays, and emotional issues.

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Sensational Therapies

Sensational Therapies, a Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice, provides one-on-one treatment in a private gym with motivating sensory-based therapeutic equipment. Our therapists are Neuro-Developmental Therapy (NDT) Certified and Sensory Integration trained.

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